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Both contested and uncontested divorces can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Our Clients typically ask us what divorce will mean for their children, their home, their retirement, and their debts. Commonly, I speak with individuals who feel broken and need guidance on what they should do.

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with clients. We focus on active listening and communication to reduce the amount of anxiety typically felt by clients who do not know what to expect in regards to their divorce. Time spent talking with our clients is never a waste. From our initial consultation, we discuss what divorce will likely mean for you. We want to know your concerns and what "success" means to you. After our initial consultation we meet  with you to review your concerns and discuss many of our clients concerns such as:

1. Child Custody

2. Parenting Time

3. Property Division

4. Maintenance (Alimony)

5. Retirement Account Division, etc.


Our goal, as your attorney, is to reduce your fear of the unknown in regards to your divorce.

Child Custody

Kentucky law has implemented a presumption, rebuttable by a preponderance of evidence, that joint custody and equally shared parenting time is in the best interest of the child. If a deviation from equal parenting time is warranted, the court is required to construct a parenting time schedule which maximizes the time each parent or de facto custodian has with the child and is consistent with ensuring the child’s welfare. 


 A "de facto" parent, or "de facto custodian," is one who has been shown by clear and convincing evidence to have been the primary care-giver for, and financial supporter of, a child who has resided with the person for a period of six months or more if the child is under three years old or for twelve months if the child is three or older. 


Wise Law operates under the philosophy that clients are not merely numbers, but actual people who deserve better than the status quo. Our clients all have different needs and the same solutions may not work for every person. We work with every client individually to reach a resolution that meets their definition of success.

Child Support

In most cases, to calculate child support you will need:

1. The gross income of each parent,

2. The number of minor children,

3. Whether either parent is financially supporting prior born minor children, and

4. Whether either parent is paying court-ordered maintenance.


Once these factors are determined, the calculations are made on the "child support chart" using the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines (KRS 403.212). Only after making specific findings on the record are the courts allowed to deviate from the child support guidelines.

Under KRS 403.213, after a one year period, a rebuttable presumption that a 15% change in the amount of support due is sufficient to prove a material change in circumstances. Prior to the one year period, the percentage is 25%.


Do not go through this alone. If you have questions about how Wise Law could help you establish, collect, modify, or terminate child support, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation today.

Domestic Violence

We are here to listen to the needs of every client. Everyone who walks through our doors or calls us on the phone is going through something that can have major implications for their family. Domestic violence and abuse are defined to mean:


1. Physical injury, serious physical injury, sexual abuse, assault, or

2. The infliction of fear of imminent physical injury, serious physical injury, sexual abuse, or assault.


The domestic violence statutes provide protection for family members and members of an unmarried couple. 

"Family member" includes a person's spouse or former spouse and it includes any relative. "Members of an unmarried couple" are defined as unmarried couples who have children in common (and the children of such a couple) and couples who are living together or have formerly lived together.


The language of the statutes is gender-neutral and does not provide for the denial of protective orders based upon the sexual orientation of the parties. 


A Modern Approach

to Family Law

One of the most difficult challenges a person can endure is a family law dispute. I often meet with individuals who feel helpless and defeated, and who are seeking help during one of the most trying times of their life. I understand.

My name is Chris Wise and I am a family lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky.  My mission is simple - raise the standards of the practice of child welfare and family law. 

If you are experiencing a child welfare or family law dispute, please contact Wise Law, LLC to discuss how I can help you.

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Chris Wise was very professional throughout my divorce process, he kept me updated on what was going on and what the next step was. He always took his time to explain everything in detail



Chris Wise handled every aspect of my legal situation. He was very professional and cares about the person also. I would highly recommend his legal services.



Chris is very knowledgeable and responsive. I appreciate his easy to understand translation of the law. Highly recommend!